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Nothing has more impact in a home than flooring, and nothing is more comforting than coming home to soft, luxurious carpet. Carpet not only provides you with warmth and sound insultation but it allows you to express yourself in a way that other home décor does not. Choosing a carpet is one of the more important decisions one makes when moving into a property. At AA Carpets we will help you find the perfect floor to suit your needs. We are known for the best quality and reasonable prices.  Wether you are looking for something simple on a budget, or a luxury carpet to give that wow factor to you home, be assured you will find it at AA Carpets.

Bare foot feeling

Carpets come in a lot of types. Each unique in their way depending on what production technique and yarn treatment they get. Each type can be enhanced by thickness of underlay and the accessories used.

  • Twist Carpets – feel comfy and produce a bouncy feeling
  • Saxony Carpets –  feel deep and luxurious.
  • Loop Piles – also referred as Berber carpets are flat and firm
  • Woven Carpets – known to ascetically pleasing and bouncy.


When choosing a carpet for your home it is important to consider the room and how much wear will the carpet get. All types of carpet give a different bare foot feeling, because each differ in texture, appearance and performance. As a general guide Twist Carpets are the most practical choice for the busiest areas of homes, they are durable and bounce back into shape easily. Saxony is known as a bedroom choice, where depth and luxury is more important than functionality. Loop Pile & Woven carpets are used in most areas of the home because of their good all round performance.


If you are looking for a tough hardwearing carpet, yarn is something to consider. Wool is known to be warm, natural and resilient. It is an eco-friendly choice that is luxurious. Yarn is highly stain resistant, and very easy to clean. Nylon is also another option known for its durability. Nylon is less likely to show indentations after heavy furniture is rested on it..

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